Once you visit Elegant Themes, a premium WordPress themes website, there are two things that truly get your attention. This is one of the greatest theme developers on the market, with a great product quality and a good attention to details. They have a great customer service and are really dedicate to please their clients. It’s really hard to find a combination like this in theme developing services these days. Signing up for the ElegantThemes membership will give you the confirmation that you are in good hands. All WordPress themes are guaranteed to function properly in the most important browsers and have been tested carefully to ensure that. It’s also good to know that all sidebars on these beautiful themes are ready for widgets and some of them are ready for AdSense ads right out of the box.

One of the greatest advantages of a WordPress theme from ElegantThemes.com is the simple personalization using the well-known ElegantThemes ePanel. The ePanel allows users to personalize and set the blog structure and design. You may dictate the navigation, homepage, style and color (when multiple color scheme are available), web optimization, blog settings, and way more. The most interesting part is you are able to do all this changes in the ePanel with no knowledge of any coding at all.

Pricing and License Model is one of the most interesting things about ElegantThemes service. Even if is a top quality WordPress theme provider, the service is certainly one of the most cheap options on the market. The whole thing operates off a membership system with different licensing plans. There are three plans available: Personal, Developer and LifeTime Access. Personal plan comes with some restrictions (you won't have access to all Plugins or to layered Photoshop files for example), Developer plan has no restriction but you would have to pay an annually fee to continue using it and the LifeTime plan, which is the top of the offer: one time fee and all options included. Each theme available on ElegantThemes includes the PSD files that makes modifying the graphics quick and simple within Photoshop. Additionally, every single theme includes blank logo images so its possible to do some customization in case you do not have access to Photoshop. Usually PSD file addition is an extra charge with other developers.

Tech support is one area where the competition might learn something from ElegantThemes. They stand behind their product and openly offer to solve any kind of issues with installation and functionality. Also you will find an active support community available to members together with a FAQ file that covers almost any query you might have, which includes explaining basic terms and concepts for newbies. The thing is that they are looking to maintain their themes compatible with upcoming WordPress updates as long as you are a client of the service. As soon as you terminate your subscription and a new version is launched, they may want to update it without a renewed membership.

Few Things To Know When You Buy a WordPress Theme

Are you searching to build a web site ? Are you thinking about choosing WordPress , however don't know much about what to search for or how to choose template ? Whether it's your first web site or perhaps you wish to upgrade an older site designed with a website builder , WordPress platform is a new reality in your case. You will discover lots of terminologies and also details you most likely aren't that familiar with , however in this post , I am going to give you a summary with what you should know before buying your very first WordPress theme .

What is a theme?

Using a theme is obligatory . If your site runs with the WordPress platform , you will have to pick a template to run the web site with . A theme is similar to the skin of site . A newly made WordPress blog appears quite common and naked . After setting up WordPress , you will discover a pre-installed template, and there are a couple of additional Livejasmin themes available to change to . However these are the standard templates which are offered by WordPress. A theme provides a web site its exclusive touch. It requires all the information stored in the site ( articles , webpages , sidebars , headers , - the whole thing ) and by virtue of its coding , it establishes exactly how this content is structured and also presented to the reader. It may handle the look of the menu, of the header and also of the footer. It may determine the alternatives a website article will be presented, it may determine the way a logo will be viewed , or it may rule the color selection a site could use . It has the strength to allow or even stop numerous features . Basically , it establishes the visual logic displayed.

Selecting a theme for your blog

The most simple differentiation to make is on the costs level. I strongly believe the theme's cost should never be the primary factor when making your choice, it can be however , a legitimate alternative for categorization. There are numerous free templates provided on several jasminlive web sites such as the WordPress-owned marketplace . I will reflect on the negative aspects that come with free templates in the last part of this post , however the main reason why I think a theme's cost should not be the most important aspect when selecting a theme is simply because the premium templates come to a rate somewhere within $60-90 , which is almost nothing in comparison with the price a hired web developer will charge . Not every theme offers what you are looking for your unique web site project . You will find in spite of this , some aspects which are certainly not negotiable and which you must be sure of before making a decision.

First you need to make sure that the theme fit the website's purpose. If you search online you will see there are many categories for WordPress designs on the market, such as Real Estate , Non Profit , Education and learning, Wedding, Technology , Cuisine , etc. You can also find plenty of multi-purpose templates available which are flexible and also customizable to specific requirements you could have. You also need to check if the theme requires a lot of quality images in order to look nice and if you have this kind of resources?. All the stylish sliders you see in the demo models demand professional photos . Wide-angled live sex pictures should advertise your online business - are you sure you are able to find necessary resources for that? Be sure to read the support guidelines and find out how long after date of purchase they are able to offer support .

A template that looks good on all mobile devices is a necessity. Never opt for anything less. To check that , insert the url of the demo blog into Screenfly and test how it appears on various mobile devices .

Not every web browser shows the similar content identically. Look for information about whether the template looks good in different browsers before paying for it . In case the seller does not provide that info, you should use a tool such as Browsershots to do just that . Insert the theme's demo page and verify whether the template looks good in different browsers. Always make sure that the purchase of a theme allows you to receive regular updates . This is a vital consideration for security reasons.

Once you have set up a site with pages and articles - a few or years in the future , you may want to provide your web site a facelift. A fresh design will do exactly that, it will certainly bring your site a more modern, fresh and stylish look. That's when the big "BUT" comes in ; unfortunately , changing WordPress theme is certainly not that simple. I want to say technically it can be done , however it may involve many adjustments. After changing a template, there is usually a large amount of customization effort that must be done to get the site into a suitable state. The reason behind this is the incompatibility of the coding that was used when building the themes. As you may realized, I am using vague wording. I'm vague simply because there is absolutely no way to make a general affirmation regarding this. It is always an individual case. You might be lucky and have to spend just a couple of hours for the site to start looking good again. But more often than not , it will require a considerable amount of extra work to rebuild the website . Just make sure you take into account the demand for additional time in addition to financial resources when changing your current WordPress theme.

Customizing a WordPress theme

We are blessed with an amazing selection of beautiful templates nowadays. However this abundance makes it usually extremely difficult to come to a decision . Especially for a website newbie , as this could be a very difficult task due to an unfamiliarity with the technical terms that the motifs are described with, or not understanding what to expect or what to be aware of in the Jasmin Live selection process. A specific thing you may need to think about is that your chosen theme may require a lot of personalization . From the look of a website , it's really difficult to figure out just how much it has been modified to specific needs to match a specific purpose of online business. In terms of customization, the fact of whether your favorite theme is a totally free or a paid theme will determine the ease of modifications.

Free WordPress Themes

The most challenging themes to modify are free and/or low cost themes. If you come across a free template and love about 80% of it, however wish to add or get rid of something from it, you will come to realize that little modifications will actually demand a lot of work on the back-end . Free or cheap themes are valued the way they are simply because there wasn't much time or hard work taken to build them. Quite often , they are not even designed to be customized or modified . With these templates - what you see is exactly what you receive . If you wish to tailor-make anything in the theme, it will certainly cost you.

Premium Themes

High quality templates are the ones that include a large amount of features . In fact , these are a lot more than themes . These are frameworks . Every framework possesses his own distinctive interface and dashboard. Understanding every one of these frameworks is similar to learning a brand new language, however it is actually not that difficult . Many theme frameworks from http://www.jasminelive.biz, such as the Divi-theme include a drag and drop interface , which considerably improves the learning process for a web site rookie and also makes customization a lot more fast and easy . You do not have to mess around with code. Because of this , deciding on a premium template which costs around $60-90 helps you to save a great amount of time and cash in the long-term . Despite the fact that you are a web site novice and don't possess sufficient self-confidence to create the web site on your own , it will prove to be useful to seek the services of a designer who focuses on a single framework and is a competently skilled expert in modifying this framework . It is going to cost you many , many hours less to have the modification completed in comparison with a theme that requires a new code written.